Korean nationalism is overcoming apprehensions in America: Summit being pursued

Korean nationalism is overcoming apprehensions in America: Summit being pursued

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Donald Trump of America is open to meeting the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. Yet, certain high-ranking individuals in the Trump administration tried to damage this opportunity by threatening the Libya scenario. However, it appears that the potency of Korean nationalism and genuine goodwill between both leaders of South Korea and North Korea are setting the running. Hence, it would be folly for political elites in Washington to underscore the ongoing thaw between both nations that share the Korean peninsula.

It appeared that hawks within the Trump administration had destroyed the more open approach being taken by Trump. Despite this, it became apparent that President Moon Jae-in of South Korea was not going to play second fiddle. Therefore, Moon immediately focused on furthering his growing relationship with Kim by setting up an important meeting between both leaders.

The outcome of the meeting between Moon and Kim immediately proved a success. Indeed, it is apparent that Moon, who always favored the old Sunshine Policy towards North Korea, is now setting the running outside of the strings of America. This bodes well for fostering growing relations between both Korea’s and it negates certain hostile intentions of high-ranking officials in the Trump administration.

Reuters reports, The weekend meetings were the latest dramatic turn in a week of diplomatic ups and downs over the prospects for an unprecedented summit between the United States and North Korea, and the strongest sign yet that the leaders of the two Koreas are trying to keep the meeting on track.”

Moon said, “Chairman Kim and I have agreed that the June 12 summit should be held successfully, and that our quest for the Korean Peninsula’s denuclearization and a perpetual peace regime should not be halted.”

Hence, any intransigence by certain individuals opposed to North Korea inside the Trump administration is being rendered meaningless. Instead, Moon, sensing that Trump is more open to setting a new tone with North Korea, is now playing the hand of Korean nationalism and furthering recent positive developments with Kim.

Obviously, many stumbling blocks remain because genuine disagreements exist between America and North Korea. Yet, just like Japan was marginalized from the outset, the same applies to hawks in the Trump administration being marginalized internally in South Korea and North Korea. Therefore, with Trump being more open to starting a new page with North Korea, then currently Moon is in the driving seat and at the moment the same car is being shared by Kim.


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2 thoughts on “Korean nationalism is overcoming apprehensions in America: Summit being pursued

    • Hi, I think Trump often plays a strange hand of poker – but the PC media class hate him fully. Therefore, the Russia issue and other areas are eating away at how he is perceived. I don’t personally trust any politician 100 hundred percent (not the view of MTT just my personal thinking) and only hope that good governance can reward hard working people irrespective of the political stance they take. Thanks!

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