Tokyo tourism: The delightful Kiyosumi Garden in Tokyo

Tokyo tourism: The delightful Kiyosumi Garden in Tokyo

Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

Tokyo is a mega-metropolis that is home to vast numbers of people and growing numbers of international tourists visit the capital city of Japan. Hence, having such a high population and vast numbers of skyscrapers, then gardens and open spaces play a very important role. Therefore, Kiyosumi Garden is one of several gardens where people can escape the madding crowds, the stress of work, confined spaces, and trains that are often jammed packed during certain times of the day.

Gardens throughout Tokyo are extremely therapeutic because the pace of life is often hectic for many people. Of course, you have many quieter parts of Tokyo. However, in general, all major areas like Ginza, Harajuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ueno, and a plethora of other places, are choc-a-block.

Inside Kiyosumi Garden you also have stylish buildings and this applies to the Ryotei building and Taisho Kinenkan. These buildings heighten the cultural aspects and ambiance of Kiyosumi Garden. Therefore, if you enjoy photography you can combine architecture and nature together and of course, each angle provides a new image to treasure.

Lee Jay Walker, a fellow writer at Modern Tokyo Times, stipulates, “The Iso-Watari section is a real treat because the stepping-stone pathways lead across the pond where it is shallow. For children, it is a time of fantastic pleasure because they can enjoy playful times and be connected with nature at its best. Also, for adults, the child inside comes flooding back when you walk on the stepping-stone pathways. Equally delightful, at all times you will have opportunities to see fish in the pond.”

In the same vicinity of Koto-Ku, you have several places to visit if you adore culture. This relates to art, haiku, history, music, and other important cultural areas. Therefore, Kiyosumi Garden is also central for your visit to this part of Tokyo by combining your stay by enjoying other Japanese cultural angles.

Kiyosumi Garden is situated in Koto-Ku and the best way of reaching this garden is by traveling by train via either the Toei Oedo Line or Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line. The exit station is Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Station.



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