Tokyo gardens and tourism: Rikugien Garden in Komagome

Tokyo gardens and tourism: Rikugien Garden in Komagome

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

If you are a Tokyoite or one of the countless numbers of tourists visiting Tokyo, then it is important to enjoy gardens and other areas related to quiet contemplation. Hence, the garden of Rikugien is one of several lovely gardens to adore the natural splendor of Japanese gardens in Tokyo.

The garden dates back to 1695 and 1702 during the Edo Period. This fact translates to the foundations being based on traditional religious and philosophical thought patterns. Yet, in time the garden became neglected. However, like a phoenix, Rikugien would become reborn during the early Meiji Period. In time, the garden was donated in 1938 to the local government of Tokyo and in 1953 the central government recognized the park for its scenic beauty.

Interestingly, Komagome is between the bustling areas of Ikebukuro and Ueno on the Yamanote Train Line. Ueno, being noted for various cultural themes like museums and being blessed with a vibrant market; contrasts with Ikebukuro that is noted for fashion and other areas related to modern culture. Therefore, Komagome is a place to enjoy the gardens of Rikugien and Kyu-Furukawa.

Another delightful aspect is the Japanese teahouse where you can enjoy traditional Japanese tea and a small sweet. The view from the delightful teahouse overlooks the pond and irrespective if alone, or with a friend, it is a lovely place for contemplation.

Overall, it is recommended to visit the gardens of Rikugien and Kyu-Furukawa if you adore nature and seek to feel the natural beauty of Japanese gardens. Likewise, in this more sedate part of Tokyo, you can enjoy other cultural aspects in the vicinity of Komagome. For example, you have several Buddhist temples to visit, folk art stores, Japanese dyed garments, ceramics, antique stores, and you have ample choice to buy traditional Japanese sweets.



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