Art of Japan and poetry: The last throes before the ghost of time

The last throes before the ghost of time for Judy Doggett Walker

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

A lifetime of friendship becomes distant.

Moments of confusion grow from minutes to days.

Loved ones often erased.

The river once flowed and reached my heart.

Now the flow is lost.

Art hangs on many walls, like eyes reaching into my soul.

Yet it torments despite bringing a brief glimmer of hope.

The joy of snow endears the child.

Now all is melted in the deepest of winter.

I remember the beauty and dreams in sudden bursts.

Then tears flow on the distant stunning glow!

This world will soon disappear irrespective if alive or dead.

Hence, this slipping away from my memory fills me with dread.

It isn’t death that I fear but being awake in silence.

Aimlessly guided in the fogginess of time.

Words of faith, now all lost.

My sorrow is half full because of the destitution of passion.

Into the Furness and soon to disappear!

Art by Sawako Utsumi –

In memory of my mother Judy Doggett Walker who passed away from this earth on April 10, 2019

Rest In Peace – Judy Doggett Walker (November 29, 1934, to April 10, 2019)

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