Brutal rape and murder of a two-year-old girl in Pakistan

Brutal rape and murder of a two-year-old girl in Pakistan

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

According to the charity Sahil in Pakistan, approximately 1,500 children have been raped in the first six months of this year. Hence, the latest murder and rape of a little girl aged two highlights a major scourge on society.

Her body was abandoned in a field like her life meant nothing apart from abusing and killing. This happened in the environs of the Charsadda District in northwestern Pakistan.

One can only imagine the pain and emotions of her parents, who know how their daughter suffered horrendously in the last hours of her short life. Thus, the news that she was violated and then stabbed until all life left her body is beyond imagination.

Information is ongoing but reports state that several people have been apprehended by the police. Given the speed of the arrests, it is hoped the perpetrator(s) will be found.

The police are now waiting for DNA results concerning the people they have apprehended. Equally, ongoing questioning, cross-checking, and other important work are being done.

Apparently, the girl was playing with other children and then went missing on Tuesday. By Wednesday, her mutilated body was found. Therefore, an autopsy followed and by Friday it was confirmed that the girl had been raped and stabbed.

Only last month another little girl aged six was found raped and killed in the same part of Pakistan. Hence, with approximately 1,500 rapes of children – some leading to death – in the first six months of this year, it is clear that Pakistan is faced with a grim problem.


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