Sunni Islamists in mosque attack in Afghanistan: Imam killed

Sunni Islamists in mosque attack in Afghanistan: Imam killed

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Another brutal Sunni Islamist terrorist attack killed at least 12 people inside a mosque in Afghanistan. Of course, violence in recent decades in Afghanistan is nothing new. However, it highlights the fear that persists in Afghanistan because soon government forces will be at the mercy of various Sunni Islamist forces when America pulls its military troops out.

The latest terrorist attack by Sunni Islamic zealots happened in the district of Shakar Dara in the environs of north Kabul. Hence even when Muslims are praying inside a holy place, they are still killed by Sunni Islamists.

In the last few weeks, several attacks have killed many students. This includes one attack in a Shia Muslim district that left countless female students dead. Therefore, President Joe Biden of America should be under no illusions about what awaits the fate of Afghanistan’s security forces and the general population.

Reuters reports, “The blast came less than a week after an explosion at a school killed 80 people, most of them schoolgirls from the ethnic Hazara Shi’ite Muslim minority. The Taliban also denounced that attack and no one claimed responsibility.”

It is known that the local Muslim cleric (imam) is among the dead. Hence, nothing is sacred to Sunni Islamists in Afghanistan – this applies to killing Muslim worshippers, massacres against civilians, persecuting the Shia minority, attacking mosques, and destroying Koranic holy books inside mosques, and so forth.

Tolo News reports, “The blast happened at Haji Bakhshi Mosque in Qala-e-Murad Bek area in Shakardara district of Kabul during Friday prayer, police said.”


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