Massacre of children and adults in Thailand by ex-policeman

Massacre of children and adults in Thailand by ex-policeman

Hiroshi Saito and Kanako Mita

Modern Tokyo Times

An ex-police officer attacked a preschool daycare center in Northeast Thailand. This resulted in the deaths of 39 people. The majority of deaths are children. 

Initial reports claim that the ex-policeman (Panya Khamrab) was under the influence of drugs when he began slaughtering adults and children. He lost his job because of drug abuse. 

After his brutal killing spree at the preschool daycare center, he returned home and killed his wife and child. Then he shot himself dead. 

The BBC says, “At least 22 children were among the dead in the mass killing in the town of Utthai Sawan. Some victims aged as young as two were attacked as they slept. A dozen people who were injured have been taken to Nong Bua Lamphu district hospital.”

The Guardian reports, “Police said most of the children killed at the center were stabbed to death. As he left the nursery the attacker drove his car towards and shot at bystanders then returned home, where he shot himself, his wife and his child.”

He firstly shot and killed officials at the daycare center. Then he targeted children. 

Reuters reports, “About 30 children were at the facility when the attacker arrived, fewer than usual, as heavy rain had kept many people away, district official Jidapa Boonsom, who was working in a nearby office at the time.”

The Mekong Delta is awash with narcotics. Thus the region is called the Golden Triangle. 

The killer is known to be a drug addict.


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