Modern Tokyo News: Akihabara, from Otaku to Maid Cafe and Electronic Goods

Modern Tokyo News: Akihabara, from Otaku to Maid Cafe and Electronic Goods

Kanako Itamae and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo News


Akihabara is a place which either suits you greatly or it isn’t your cup of tea and this is because of the nature of this part of Tokyo.  In Omotesando and Ginza you have the vibrancy of exquisite fashion styles and amazing architecture. If you walk along the main street which connects you with Omotesando and Harajuku, then it is clear that you are in fashion paradise and similarly the districts of Ginza and Yurakucho merge together.  Not only this, you have the stunning Meiji shrine in the same environment near Harajuku train station and the ambient buzz of Omotesando Hills. Therefore, this area is a fantastic fusion of fashion, culture, and history. However, in Akihabara this place really connects with people who suit what this place provides.  Therefore, Akihabara may not have the sophistication of Omotesando and Ginza but if you want to visit an area which is buzzing because of commerce and escapism then Akihabara caters for you.


Maid café bars have spread from Akihabara to countless other nations and this is an increasing pulling power alongside anime and otaku goods.  This in itself means that surrealism and realism blends together like the fusion of life and this all adds to the uniqueness of Akihabara.  


All major cities in the world have places of high fashion and independent fashion but in most major European cities you don’t have anything like Akihabara.  Therefore, this place is a magnet for tourists based on the latest electronic gadgets, anime, otaku culture and maid café bars. Also, in the back streets you can find old gadgets and computer games. This means that if you love searching around for hidden old computer games then Akihabara is a gem of a place to visit because it caters for old school individuals alongside people who adore the latest gadgets reaching the market place.

Akihabara ticks to its own clock and this is the real beauty of this vibrant district. Akihabara News 


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