Syria is on the Frontline: Parliamentarians in Belgium follow the lead of Politicians in France

Syria is on the Frontline: Parliamentarians in Belgium follow the lead of Politicians in France

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The people of Syria face a brutal civilization war whereby sinister Takfiri Islamist forces threaten indigenous Islam in this nation and the various Christian communities that reside in fear. If the Syrian government falls then the Druze will face the same reality that befell the Christians, Shabaks and Yazidis of Iraq. Similarly, the Alawites and Shia in Syria face the barbaric sword of ISIS (Islamic State – IS), al-Nusra and a plethora of brutal sectarian Takfiri forces. Therefore, it is essential that the government of Syrian under President Bashar al-Assad remains intact. After all, if opposition sectarian and terrorists forces win then a living nightmare will engulf Syria for decades to come.

Not only this, the demise of the government of Syria would mean the continuing destruction of archeology and the eradication of history and knowledge that would be forever lost. Women would be turned into passive shadows just like in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the religious minorities would disappear because a brutal Gulf Takfiri version of Islam would eradicate and cleanse by chopping off more heads. Also, to cement the civilization war then indigenous Sunni Islam would be crushed and replaced by backward Salafi Gulf Islam that resembles a Pol Pot mentality.

Jean Aziz at Al-Monitor highlighted a past trip to Syria by important political elites from France. He stated: “The delegation was headed by French Parliamentarian Jean-Pierre Vial and included Parliament members Jaques Myard and Francois Zocchetto, as well as the Inspector General of the French Ministry of Defense, Patrick Barraquand, Security Adviser at the French Embassy in Beirut Stephane Ravion and Jerome Toussaint. The delegation also included Parliament Member Gerrard Bapt, who is also a close associate of French President Francois Hollande, of whose party he is also a member. Reportedly, while in Damascus, Bapt’s movements and meetings differed from those of his colleagues.”

Likewise, the same Jean Aziz, with the assistance of Julian Pecquet, reports about the recent delegation from Belgium by stating: Among others, the delegation included Sen. Anke Van dermeersch of the Flemish parliament, federal parliament member Jan Penris, Democratie Nationale President Marco Santi and federal parliament member Filip Dewinter. Van dermeersch, Penris and Dewinter are members of the far-right Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) party, which agrees with the Democratie Nationale in making prevention of the so-called Islamization of Europe a key priority.”

These political delegations emanating from Belgium and France show that the anti-Syria folly is starting to wake some individuals up from the empty rhetoric of the leaders of America, France, Turkey and the United Kingdom within the NATO bloc. After all, the reality of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and areas outside of the control of the government of Syria, is one whereby minorities are slaughtered, women are shackled, apostates are butchered (Takfiris deem other Muslims to be apostates), archeology is destroyed, terrorism is given the opportunity to spread and the end result is failed states, poverty and utter backwardness.

His Eminence, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, representing the powerful Hezbollah (Hizbullah) movement, states: “I want to ask the Christians before the Muslims: You are seeing what is taking place in Syria. I am not causing sectarian evocations. Let no one say that Sayyed is doing so. Not at all! Where are your churches? Where are your patriarchs? Where are your nuns? Where are your crosses? Where are the statues of Mary (pbuh)? Where are your sanctities? Where are all of these? What has the world done for them? What did the world do for them previously in Iraq? Aren’t these groups causing all of this in all the regions?”

Of course the churches of the cross exist throughout Lebanon just like they exist throughout Syria in areas under the control of the Syrian government. The emptying of the cross in Syria exists in areas that have been sponsored and supported by major NATO and Gulf powers. Therefore, Nasrallah is correct to say: “Where are your churches?”

According to the article in Al-Monitor the Parliamentarians form Belgium stressed: “Syria constitutes the first line of defense in the face of extremism and terrorism. It is the only country fighting terrorism on the ground. If this line is defeated, terrorism will largely reach European countries. This is why we have to support Syria in this war.”

Modern Tokyo Times stated in a past article “It is ironic that Hezbollah (Hizbullah) in Lebanon under His Eminence, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, is more concerned about the plight of Christians and other religious minorities, rather than the so-called democratic West. Indeed, it is abundantly clear that America, France and the United Kingdom are fully behind the emptying of Christians throughout the Middle East based on their close ties with feudal Gulf monarchies. Therefore, while Saudi Arabia bans the Christian faith it is clear that Western meddling in Iraq, Libya and Syria is leading to a catastrophe for the Christian populations of these nations. Indeed, it is even hard to say nations about Iraq and Libya because Gulf and Western destabilization polices have led to failed states. Syria, thankfully, is fighting tenaciously in order to preserve the religious mosaic and to prevent another failed state.”

It is clear to some politicians and leading figures in Belgium and France that the government of Syria and the armed forces of this nation are on the frontline in a brutal civilizational war. Western elites for too long have bent over backwards to appease feudal Gulf monarchies, that in turn have helped to fund terrorism and Salafi indoctrination far and wide based on sinister Takfiri mindsets.

Given this reality, are internal security and police forces in many European nations focused on pro-Assadists or on Takfiri Islamist and Salafi networks that support hatred and terrorism? Likewise, are Christian churches and minorities protected by the Syrian government – or by an array of sectarian, terrorist and mercenary forces being supported by certain NATO and Gulf feudal monarchies?

Obviously, it is abundantly clear that the mosaic in the Levant is being threatened by nations like Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Similarly, the nations of America, France and the United Kingdom have all meddled on the side of sinister forces. Therefore, it is time for nations to wake up before it is too late because Syria is on the frontline whereby the armed forces are fighting brutal terrorist, Takfiri and sectarian forces.


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