Brazil covid-19 deaths reach just below 43,000 with high daily infections 

Brazil covid-19 deaths reach just below 43,000 with high daily infections 

Kanako Mita and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

The coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis in Brazil is still showing no signs of abating. Thus with 42,720 deaths and high daily infections, the severity of the crisis is extreme. Therefore, for poorer sections in society, the economic angle is severe.

In terms of deaths then America is 117,502, Brazil, 42,720, and the United Kingdom 41,662. Of course, the population of the United Kingdom is much smaller. Hence, deaths per million are 614 in the United Kingdom, 355 in America, and 201 in Brazil.

Despite the severity of the crisis, the health care system is standing-up. Some areas are facing more severe problems. However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the system is coping.

Dr. Mike Ryan, a top emergency expert at the WHO, uttered, “The system as such from the data we see is not overwhelmed.”

According to Ryan, only certain specific areas are using 80 percent of intensive care bed capacity. Meanwhile, in most areas, the rate is much lower. Hence, despite having the second most infections in the world several, WHO officials are sounding optimistic about the Brazilian health care system.

Jair Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil, is overtly focused on the economic angle. Equally, the leader of Brazil frequently downplays the coronavirus crisis.

He uttered, “the tyranny of total quarantine” equates to burdensome lockdowns.

Brazil is extremely divided politically and socially and the coronavirus is highlighting this to an even higher level. Despite this, and the horrendous death toll, it seems that the health care system is holding up.

Sadly, the death toll looks set to mount in the following weeks.



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