South Korea suspected flu jab related deaths now reaches 36

South Korea suspected flu jab related deaths now reaches 36

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Many nations are worried about the impact of influenza and the coronavirus (Covid-19) at the same time during seasonal highs. Hence, while the elderly – and others – get the yearly flu jab, this year the advice is for wider society to take full precautions.

However, South Korea is now facing a challenging time because you have 36 suspected related deaths to the flu vaccine. At the moment, no firm connection is forthcoming but something looks a miss. Therefore, with each new suspected death, many individuals are becoming alarmed by the news.

It is known that the government vaccination program is currently responsible for approximately 13 million vaccinated people. Thus each reported new suspected death will lead to more pressure on the government. This comes at a difficult period because the height of the influenza season is approaching.

The BBC reports, “The influenza season usually begins by the end of November and there are fears that if it runs parallel with the coronavirus pandemic, it would increase the risks for those vulnerable groups. According to Yonhap, around 3,000 flu-related deaths are recorded in South Korea each year.”

The Korean Medical Association (KMA) is seeking medical answers, to allay the fears of ordinary people, and then to restart once the evidence is conclusive. However, the government remains adamant that no links apply and that the flu program should continue.

Min Yang-ki, an official at the KMA, said, “We are not calling the government to completely halt the vaccination, but to temporarily suspend it for about one week to find out the exact cause [of death].”


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