Super Typhoon Rai kills at least 100 people in the Philippines

Super Typhoon Rai kills at least 100 people in the Philippines

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

Super Typhoon Rai is leaving utter devastation behind after hitting the Philippines on Thursday. Winds reached 120mph (195km/h) at their height of strength. Therefore, approximately 300,000 people fled the worst-hit areas.

The current death toll is over 100 people. This figure is likely to increase once rescue missions reach remote areas.

The BBC reports, “Videos posted on social media by his aides show extensive damage to Siargao, Dinagat and Mindanao islands.”

Search and rescue workers describe scenes of utter carnage. Landslides and extensive flooding persist in the worst-hit areas.

The Guardian reports, “President Rodrigo Duterte flew to the region Saturday and promised 2bn pesos ($40m) in new aid. Aides said the president will visit Bohol on Sunday.”

Worst-hit areas include Dinagat, Mindanao islands, and Siargao.

The Philippines is hit every year by powerful storms and typhoons because this nation is located in the “Ring of Fire” region. This alludes to parts of the Asia Pacific that are seismically active.

It will take several more days before the final death toll is known. Hence, many individuals have lost everything in the bat of an eyelid. Therefore, it is essential to help all communities hit by the latest typhoon to devastate the Philippines.


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