Islamist Killers of Secular Writers in Bangladesh now Threaten Global Murder: ISIS and Islamist Inquisition

Islamist Killers of Secular Writers in Bangladesh now Threaten Global Murder: ISIS and Islamist Inquisition

Amina Qamar, Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The independent nation state of Bangladesh in 1971 emerged victorious in the War of Independence against the dictatorial nation of Pakistan that refused to acknowledge ethnic, linguistic, cultural and obvious geopolitical realities. However, the price was extremely high because of the mass brutality committed by the armed forces of Pakistan. On top of this, seditious Islamist traitors slaughtered vast numbers in this period of history. Therefore, true to the nature of these two evil forces then intellectuals of all faiths were targeted and mass bloodletting took place against various groups, including butchering Hindus based on untold cruelty.

Turning the clock forward to 2015 then internationally the brutal reality of Sunni Takfiri Islamist fascism knows no boundaries. After all, ISIS (Islamic State – IS) is slaughtering Shia Muslims in Iraq, Syria and Yemen – and beheading Christians in Libya. Similarly, ISIS is intent on committing religious genocide against Alawite Muslims, Christians, Shabaks, Yazidis and other religious minorities. Also, just like Islamist forces that killed their own nationals in Bangladesh during the War of Independence, then ISIS also butchers fellow Sunni Muslims if they are deemed to be too open minded.

Islamist killers worldwide and their schools of hatred seek to crush all alternative thought patterns and to enforce dhimmitude on non-believers. Of course, for Sunni Takfiri Islamist forces that are powerful like ISIS, al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, AQAP, and others like the Taliban, then they seek a religious monoculture based on the annihilation of other religions and crushing Muslim diversity – or in the case of ISIS, then selling Christians and Yazidis into slavery is also a monetary reality.

In Bangladesh various Sunni Islamist forces don’t have the same brutal military power like al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, al-Nusra, ISIS, AQAP and many other brutal terrorist and sectarian forces. This reality means that Islamists in Bangladesh are intent on hacking secular writers to death in order to crush free thought and rule by fear. Sadly, the political correct brigade in the West don’t seem to understand the reality of what is happening in many parts of the world because of Islamist death squads and daily intimidation that blights many parts of the world. Indeed, this reality is enabling Sunni Islamist forces to grow in power and influence in nations like the United Kingdom because indoctrination is in full swing. Therefore, nations like Iraq and Syria are witnessing a growing number of Takfiri Islamist jihadists from Europe that seek to slaughter and kill in the name of Allah.

Recently, Ansarullah Bangla Team announced its intent to kill secular writers globally. The Investigative Project on Terrorism reports The Ansarullah Bangla Team, which is suspected of acting on threats and slaying at least four secular bloggers this year, has released a “hit list” of new targets. American Avijit Roy was among those murdered in 2015.”

On top of this, the Investigative Project on Terrorism states: “In addition to Roy, the slain bloggers in 2015 include Niloy Neel, Ananta Bijoy Das and Washiqur Rahman. In 2013, blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider was murdered after he advocated for war crimes tribunals against people responsible for mass killings at the end of Bangladesh’s 1971 war of independence against Pakistan.”

The Jamestown Foundation reports Although terrorism and religious extremism were linked in both waves of radicalism in Bangladesh, there are significant differences between new radical outfits like ABT and the older ones. The goal of the major radical outfits of the 1999-2005 period was to impose a rigid, narrow interpretation of Islamic law on Bangladesh. They sought to achieve this through undermining the authority of the state by carrying out spectacular terrorist attacks that made the state appear weak and helpless. In 2005, for instance, the JMB carried out over 500 well-synchronized bomb attacks in over 300 locations across Bangladesh over a span of an hour. By contrast, the second wave appears to have less sweeping goals; at least for now, it seems aimed at silencing the articulation of secular and/or atheist views. Bomb attacks are rare, with outfits like the ABT preferring to eliminate specifically identified individuals by hacking them to death in crowded places. Machetes and meat cleavers have been the weapons of choice. The simplicity of such attacks has made it difficult for Bangladesh’s police to prevent them (Huffington Post, March 4).”

Hindus – and other religious minorities including Christians in Pakistan – face daily persecution and institutional discrimination. Not surprisingly, the Shia and Ahmadiyya Muslim minorities face the same persecution. Indeed, massacres against Shia Muslims by various Sunni Takfiri Islamists are all too common in Pakistan (ISIS slaughters the Shia in Iraq in vast numbers). If the mirror of cleansing Hinduism in Pakistan is replicated in Bangladesh, then finally the Sunni Takfiri Islamist inquisition will turn its full wrath against Muslims and society in general. Therefore, secular minded Muslims in Bangladesh and religious minorities like the Ahmadiyya face a bleak future. After all, look at the Islamist Sunni Takfiri year zero reality in vast swathes of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated “It appears now that Dhaka is one of the most dangerous places in the world for free thinkers that reside in a nation based on democracy. Of course, the al-Shabaab is butchering all Muslim converts to Christianity based on their barbaric Islamist inquisition. On top of this, just like Islamists in Bangladesh despise their Hindu heritage, the same Islamist Takfiri forces in Somalia equally hate Sufi Islam and other areas related to indigenous Islam in this nation. However, while the world knows how frightening it must be to reside in areas under the control of Boko Haram, al-Shabaab, al-Nusra, ISIS, and other similar barbaric forces, in Bangladesh these same twisted mindsets seek to impose their ways on a democratic society.”

Writers in Bangladesh that challenge the status quo are deemed dangerous by Islamists in this nation and now the Ansarullah Bangla Team is threatening international writers in distant nations. Therefore, the Islamist inquisition is in full swing and threatening new nations and societies based on the rule of fear.[tt_news]=44262&cHash=2fd840f4f3adf3e2434d9d312ff1ed7d#.VgZNW876mKKThe Jamestown Foundation[tt_news]=44262&cHash=2fd840f4f3adf3e2434d9d312ff1ed7d#.VgZNW876mKKInvestigative Project on Terrorism


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